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January 16, 2013


ATS Conference Reporter Newsletter

On Friday, the ATS will launch the ATS Conference Reporter e-newsletter, a new member service that brings news from medical conferences around the world to your inbox. The ATS has partnered with Medpage Today, whose team of award-winning journalists will contribute stories on the ground from scientific meetings presented by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the European Respiratory Society, and American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology.

The inaugural issue will preview the Society of Critical Care Medicine's 2013 conference, which kicks off this weekend. ATS members can expect daily reports from the meeting as well as a round-up of medical highlights when the conference concludes.

The ATS Conference Reporter complements the Society's efforts to provide its members with the latest basic, translational, and clinical discoveries in pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine, as well as other relevant medical specialties.

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New Patient Education Materials Include Info on the Flu

With influenza reaching epidemic proportions in some communities, clinicians need resources to help support and educate their patients about this illness. The American Thoracic Society's Patient Information Series, which features downloadable PDFs that describe lung diseases, treatments, and tests in patient-friendly terms, includes an updated version of "The Flu."

The PDF "Influenza -‘The Flu' 2012-2013 Season Update" which clinicians or other members of the health care team can print and distribute to patients, defines the virus and includes tips on prevention and information about the vaccine, common symptoms, and steps patients can take if they show signs of sickness.

Clinicians can find additional information about influenza by visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, which features the Influenza Antiviral Medications: Summary for Clinicians and the Seasonal Influenza (Flu) webpage.

Candidemia, aspergillosis, and an entire series on tobacco have also been added to Patient Information Series. Nearly all of the PDFs have been published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Most of the patient education pieces are two pages in length, include informative illustrations, checklists, and links to additional resources. All are accessible for free at patients.thoracic.org.

Hospitals, clinician offices, academic medical centers, and the VA, including the Portland, Ore., Veterans Administration Medical Center, have incorporated the ATS Patient Information Series into their electronic medical record systems and/or websites to bolster patient-centered care and communication. For more information about incorporating the ATS Patient Information Series into your institution's EMR or website, contact Judy Corn, ATS director of documents and patient education, at jcorn@thoracic.org.

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Mobile Musings: Some Interesting Mobile Developments

Two iPad applications in development have piqued the interest of Mobile Musings column editor Tom Stiboldt, MD, who expresses his enthusiasm for the new direction of mobile medical technology in his latest column, "Some Interesting Mobile Developments." Dr. Stiboldt reports that the Stanford University School of Medicine and health tech startup Gauss Surgical Inc. are creating an app to quantify blood loss during surgery, and medical device company Nuvon is working on an app that collects and transmits critical patient data where needed within a hospital.

"As the platforms become more capable, networks more robust and developers' imaginations more far reaching, we will be seeing more of these, I am sure," Dr. Stiboldt opines.

To learn more, read "Some Interesting Mobile Developments."

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