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ATS Stat

Welcome to ATS Stat! We know how much e-mail you get in a day, and we greatly value your time. For these reasons, we have created this new format to help de-clutter your inbox, while providing a centralized source of information about the ATS.
ATS Stat combines most of the e-mail messages you’d normally receive during the week from the ATS and puts them into a single message that arrives on Wednesdays. As a result, you will receive far fewer e-mails from us, but ATS Stat will be particularly important to read regularly.
ATS Stat will not replace all ATS electronic publications. You will still receive the ATS News, Washington Letter and Coding & Billing newsletter separately. E-mail messages that are for a small group of members or are particularly urgent will still be sent individually, too. The monthly Web Bulletin will be discontinued. All other messages will now be found in ATS Stat.
ATS Stat is an experiment. We will monitor readership rates and decide whether to continue this new e-mail format or try something else to keep our members informed in a time-effective way. Meanwhile, please enjoy this new publication and let us know what you think.

Jennifer Ian, MBA
Director of Member Services and Chapter Relations