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Policy on Tobacco Involvement

The American Thoracic Society has long-standing policies that prohibit involvement of the Society and its activities with the tobacco industry in light of the fact that the inhalation and oral use of tobacco products and byproducts has been proven to cause and/or aggravate a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions. Highlights of these policies include that the ATS will not: accept for its journals any research that has been funded by tobacco entities; accept for its journals any research submitted by an author that has a relationship with a tobacco entity; will not accept for its conferences any research that has been funded by tobacco entities; will not accept as a planner or oral presenter for its conferences, or as a Society leader, anyone who has a current relationship with a tobacco entity. In addition, the ATS calls upon its members and non-members who participate in ATS activities not to accept relationships with tobacco entities, and requires disclosure of present or past relationships with tobacco entities.

American Thoracic Society Policy Governing Involvement of the Tobacco Industry in ATS Activities, and by ATS Members and Others Participating in ATS Activities

Last Reviewed: January 2019