2016 Press Releases

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Journal and Advocacy Press Releases

12-27-16 - ATS Foundation Announces Research Grants to Improve Respiratory Health Worldwide

11-28-16 - Global Response to Fight AIDS Urgently Needed this World AIDS Day, Dec. 1:  Forum of International Respiratory Societies

11-28-16 - The ATS Mission Stays Strong

11-16-16 - E-cigarettes May Harm Teens' Lung Health

11-10-16 - Forum of International Respiratory Societies Calls for Global Effort on World Pneumonia Day

10-28-16 - Novel Approach in Primary Care Setting May Help Identify Patients with COPD

10-24-16 - New Guidelines Published for Discontinuing Mechanical Ventilation in ICU

10-13-16 - Number of TB Deaths Surpass HIV/AIDS Deaths for Second Year:  WHO Report

10-12-16 - ATS International and U.S. Members Agree Climate Change Affects Patient Health

09-30-16 - As the Thermostat Goes Up, COPD Symptoms May Worsen

09-08-16 - COPD Exacerbations Lead to Lung Function Decline, Particularly Among Those with Mild COPD

09-06-16 - ATS Applauds Recommendation for TB Screening in High Risk Groups

08-10-16 - Tighter Air Pollution Standards May Save Thousands of Lives, Greatly Improve Public Health

08-01-16 - ATS Issues Clinical Practice Guidelines on Diagnosing Persistent Wheeze in Infants

07-08-16 - London's 1952 Great Smog May Have Increased Childhood and Adult Asthma

07-07-16 - Burning Out in the ICU

06-24-16 - Depression Decreases Adherence to COPD Maintenance Medications

05-05-16 - FDA Ruling on Tobacco is a Big Step and a Long Time in Coming: The ATS

04-26-16 - Action and Collaboration Needed for Asthma, a Major Noncommunicable Disease

04-15-16 - ATS Expert Available to Comment on CDC's Latest Report on E-Cigarettes and

04-14-16 - High-Volume Lung Transplant Centers Have Lower Costs and Readmissions

04-11-16 - Even Low Levels of Air Pollution Appear to Affect a Child's Lungs

04-08-16 - WTC Firefighers Needing Sinus Surgery Had More Intense, Longer Exposure to Caustic Dust and Have Higher Eosinophil Levels

04-04-16 - Research Finds Evidence of Lung Abnormalities in Light-use Waterpipe Smokers

04-01-16 - National Health and Medical Professional Organizations Weigh in on Clean Power Plan Legal Battle

03-24-16 - ATS Supports OSHA's More Protective Crystalline Silica Exposure Standard

03-23-16 - Investment and Action Needed to End TB, the World's Leading Infectious Killer

03-18-16 - Rescue Inhaler Study: New Approach Increases Mastery of Life-Saving Technique

03-11-16 - The American Thoracic Society Applauds Action to Reduce Methane Emissions

03-09-16 - Expert on Fiber and Lung Health - Video: National Nutrition Month

02-10-16 - ATS Issues Statement on Supreme Court Stay

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