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ATS Statement Regarding U.S. Immigration Policies

As you are likely aware, U.S. President Donald Trump has recently issued several executive orders pertaining to immigration, and more may follow. Until the legislative and/or logistical steps necessary to bring these orders fully into effect are taken, we cannot predict their impact, but we are clearly dismayed by their initial consequences and the message they send to the world about America. The ATS will continue to closely monitor and evaluate these developments.

In the meantime, we want to emphasize our continued support to our members in general, and more specifically to all of our colleagues from the seven targeted Muslim-majority countries. To our friends and colleagues around the world, we remain committed to our international collaborations and engagements.

Finally, we would like to remind our friends and colleagues in the pulmonary, critical care and sleep communities that the ATS will do everything possible to provide a platform for the free and unrestricted exchange of scientific ideas and biomedical knowledge aimed at improving respiratory health around the world. This includes exploring new opportunities to bring our clinical and scientific resources to the global community. As a professional society, it is during these difficult times that we need to focus on the greater good and lend a helping hand to any of our colleagues in need.

Please do not hesitate to communicate with us either via email or via the various ATS social networks outlets.

WaSalamu Aleikum (May Peace be upon you).

David Gozal, MD, MBA
President, ATS