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FY2015 Assembly/Committee NEW/RENEWAL Project Applications


The FY2015 Assembly/Committee project application process and review by the Program Review Subcommittee (PRS) is now open. ATS will accept NEW Project Applications for the FY2015 cycle.

The FY2015 Assembly/Committee project application will be accepted online only. You can access the online application at the link below titled: FY2015 Assembly Committee New/Renewal Project Application Please use the document titled: Electronic Application Instructions to get started. This document will give you step by step instructions on how to access, submit and edit the Assembly/Committee Project applications. You will need your ATS Username and Password to begin an application. The instructions also include information on how to retrieve your user name and password if you have forgotten it. To begin a NEW/ RENEWAL or Joint ATS/ERS application, please go to:


  • NEW FY2015 Assembly/Committee Project Application - Applications are New Projects that require funding and approval for the first time.
  • NEW FY2015 Joint ATS/ERS Project Application – Applications are only for joint project between the two societies.
  • RENEWAL FY2015 Assembly/Committee Project Application - Applications are for those projects that were approved by the Program Review Subcommittee and the ATS Board of Directors for the FY2014 Funding Cycle.

Below are detailed instructions for each section of the FY2015 Assembly/Committee Project NEW / RENEWAL applications. Please read them carefully and have them available as you work on your application. If you have any questions, please contact Miriam Rodriguez, Senior Director of Assemblies & Program Review Subcommittee at 212-315-8639 or by e-mail at: mrodriguez@thoracic.org. Applications must be submitted electronically on the ATS website. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, July 31, 2014 at 11pm Eastern Time. Late submissions will not be accepted.