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2011 Ann Woolcock Memorial Award

It is with great pride and respect that the RSF Assembly announces an annual award honoring the life of the late Ann Woolcock of Sydney University. She was an international leader in the field of asthma in areas of epidemiology, physiology and medicine. We are grateful for the support of GlaxoSmithKline and of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand for providing an endowment that will enable this award on an ongoing basis.

The award will consist of $500 and a plaque.  The award will be presented at the RSF Assembly Dinner in New Orleans on Monday, May 16, 2011. While the award may be used at the recipient's discretion, it will not be possible to additionally support travel to the ATS conference, or hotel/subsistence while in New Orleans.

This notice is to encourage nominations for the award. Nominees must be ATS members, and must be eligible by the criteria specified below. The procedure for nominating a candidate is also given below. Please note the firm deadline for receipt of complete nominations, which is Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 via email to rsf@thoracic.org.

The eligibility criteria have been designed to reflect what we know to be Dr. Woolcock's priorities during her long, prolific career. They include:

  • A young investigator beyond formal training but not yet fully established, from any country and from any ATS Assembly
  • With more than one first authored paper in a first rate journal
  • For career accomplishments and therefore also for future promise
  • For efforts in the broad area of asthma research. This may include work at the basic, clinical, epidemiological or other levels
  • It will be restricted to asthma, although any field relevant to asthma is equally acceptable

This award is not intended for either predoctoral or postdoctoral students or for well-established investigators. It is also not intended as recognition for a single project, but for overall accomplishments and future promise.

Required material will be the candidate's CV with publications list and a nominator's letter. This letter will be very important and should clearly lay out importance of the candidate's accomplishments to date and be convincing in its prediction of future promise. All materials should be sent in a single package via email to rsf@thoracic.org, with the subject line to read “2011 Ann Woolcock Memorial Award”. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The Assembly Planning committee will select, from those nominees fulfilling eligibility criteria, the awardee, based on excellence and promise without regard to nationality, Assembly membership or discipline involved. The awardee will be expected to attend the RSF Dinner as the Assembly's guest on Monday, May 16th in order that the award may be presented.

Previous Woolcock Awardees:

2002 - Debra Turner, PhD (University of Western Australia)
2003 - John Fuller Hunt, MD (University of Virginia)
2004 - Julia K.L. Walker, PhD (Duke University)
2005 - Parameswaran Krishnan Nair, MD, PhD (McMaster University)
2006 - Steven An, PhD (Johns Hopkins University)
2007 - Janette Burgess, PhD (University of Sydney)
2008 - David W Kaczka, MD, PhD (John Hopkins Hospital)
2009 - Deepak Deshpande, D.V.M., PhD (University of Maryland Baltimore)
2010 - Reinoud Gosens, PhD (University of Groningen)
2011 - Graeme R. Zosky, PhD (Telethon Institute for Child Health Research)