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Sleep Fragments

A Quiz on Tracings 

Sleep Fragments is a monthly feature sponsored by the Respiratory Neurobiology and Sleep Assembly. Each tracing is in a question/answer format and is designed to test members' expertise in sleep medicine and polysomnography. The tracings may represent physiologic events, abnormal events, artifacts and sleep disorders. Tracings will come from both the adult and pediatric populations. Please come back each month for a new tracing. 

Sleep Fragments must be submitted to the Annals of the American Thoracic Society (AnnalsATS). Guidelines for content and submission of Sleep Fragments can be found here.

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All fragments up to Dec 2012 have been archived by pediatrics vs. adult group, and by topic categories as outlined by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Sleep Medicine Certification Examination Blueprint. Use the drop-down menus below to narrow your search.

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To cite a case from Sleep Fragments, please use the following format:

Rowley JA. Does this man snore? Sleep Fragments. 2010 [accessed 2010 February 4]. Available from: http://thoracic.org/clinical/sleep/sleep-fragment/pages/does-this-man-snore.php.