Criteria for Hospital Discharge

Criteria for Hospital Discharge

As a general rule, patients hospitalised for an acute exacerbation can be considered for discharge once the reasons for admission are controlled and/or reversed. Based on consensus, the guidelines described on table 7 have proven useful in practice.

Table 7. - Conditions that need to be met when considering patients for discharge

Symptoms are returning to baseline, including eating, sleeping etc.
Haemodynamic stability
Oxygenation returning to baseline (see Exacerbation: inpatient oxygen therapy)
Inhaled β-agonist therapy is required less frequently
Patient able to resume ambulation
Able to eat and sleep without frequent awakening by dyspnoea
Off parenteral therapy for 12-24 h
Patient (or home caregiver) understands correct use of medications
Follow-up and homecare arrangements have been completed (e.g. visiting nurse, oxygen delivery, meal provisions etc.)

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