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FIRS Report: Respiratory Diseases in the World

The Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS) is composed of the world’s leading international respiratory societies. The goal of the FIRS is to unify and enhance efforts to improve lung health throughout the world. The purpose of this document is to inform, raise awareness and assist those who advocate for protecting and improving respiratory health. It tells of the magnitude of respiratory diseases and the threats to lung health across the globe. It is not intended to be a comprehensive textbook, but instead is a guide emphasizing the diseases of greatest and immediate concern. It outlines practical approaches to combat threats to respiratory health, and proven strategies to significantly improve the care we provide for individuals afflicted with respiratory diseases worldwide. The document calls for improvements in healthcare policies, systems and care delivery, as well as providing direction for future research. In brief, it outlines ways to make a positive difference in the respiratory health of the world.

The FIRS report is available in: