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Assembly on Clinical Problems Annual Mentoring Award

This award is given in recognition of outstanding contributions to mentoring, training, and guidance of junior pulmonary/critical care medicine individuals and/or colleagues in research or clinical care. This award is presented to a member of the CP Assembly annually at the ATS International Conference.

The award committee is seeking candidates for the award.


  1. Curriculum Vitae for the nominee must be included
  2. Provide a table listing current and past mentees including mentees’ current employment/position, number of co-publications, grant funding, educational achievement, and/or other relevant metrics
  3. Provide a short letter (three page maximum) in support of your nominee addressing each of the following criteria
    • The candidate should have been an active clinician and teacher in pulmonary/critical care medicine for at least 10 years, with rank of Associate Professor or Professor (or equivalent).
    • The candidate should be recognized as having the characteristics of a successful mentor (e.g., support, altruism, availability, professionalism).
    • The candidate should demonstrate a track-record of successful mentorship as documented by individual mentee accomplishments, impact on mentee career development, and mentee career advancement to independence in clinical medicine, teaching, or administration
  4. Provide up to three letters of support (each letter three page maximum) from current/prior mentees or colleagues describing their experiences with regard to the nominee’s mentoring accomplishments.

Assembly on Clinical Problems Annual Mentoring Award

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Last Reviewed: December 2017