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2016 ATS Abstract Scholarship Award Recipients

These Abstract Scholarship Awards have been funded by the American Thoracic Society

Rachel S. Kelly, Ph.D
Channing Division of Network Medicine
Abstract Title: Metabolomic Profiling of Childhood Asthma Severity in a Costa-Rican Population: Insights into Disease Pathogenesis

Matthew A. Carlisle, BS
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Abstract Title: Tadalafil Ameliorates Halogen-Inhalation Injury During Pregnancy

Yoomin M. Ahn, BS
University of California,  Davis
Abstract Title: Mouse Model of Adult-Onset Allergic Asthma

Catherine H. Miele, MD
Internal Medicine
Abstract Title: Lung Function Decline and Related Biological and Environmental Risk Factors: Longitudinal Follow-Up of the CRONICAS Study

Adam W. Gaffney, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Abstract Title: Socioeconomic Status and Cardiovascular Health in Shanghai, China

Matthew Grigsby, MSPH
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Abstract Title: Socioeconomic Status and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Among Low- and Middle-Income Countries: The GRAND South Study

Crystal North, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Abstract Title: Prevalence and Correlates of Obstructive Lung Disease in Rural Uganda: A Population-Based, Cross-Sectional Study

Diana A. van der Plaat, MSc
University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen
Abstract Title: Identification of Novel Genes Related to Two Definitions of Airway Obstruction in Never-Smokers

Tamara Kadir, MS
University of California at Davis
Abstract Title: Silver Nanomaterials: A Comparative Study of Pulmonary Response

Syed H. Haider, MD
New York University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Biomarkers of GERD and Barrett's Esophagus in World Trade Center-Exposed Fire Department of New York City Rescue Workers: The Aerodigestive Continuum

Daniel Croft, MD, MPH
University of Rochester Medical Center
Abstract Title: Ambient Wood Smoke and Other Particulate Pollutants and Changes in Biomarkers of Systemic Inflammation, Coagulation and Thrombosis

Debresha A. Shelton, BA
Vanderbilt University
Abstract Title: Successful Enrollment of Diverse Patient Populations Reflected in The GRADS Sarcoidosis Study

Xiaolin Sun, MSc
Shandong University
Abstract Title: Comparison of the Biological Effects of Wintertime California and China PM in Healthy Young Mice

Radu Postelnicu, MD
New York University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Giant Cell Interstitial Pneumonia in a Patient with World Trade Center Dust Exposure

Sean Corbett, BA
Boston University
Abstract Title: Molecular Impact of Electronic Cigarette Exposure on Bronchial Airway Epithelium

Donovan L. Mabe, MD
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Abstract Title: Sarcoidosis in Active Duty Military Personnel Deployed to Southwest Asia

Adam Lam, BA
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Abstract Title: Development of Pulmonary Fibrosis Following Bromine Inhalation Injury

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James Allinson, MRCP(UK), BM BCH, BA(Hons)
Imperial College London
Abstract Title: The Utility of Chronic Respiratory Symptoms During Middle-Age in Identifying Smokers Who Developed COPD by Their Early Sixties Within a Nationally Representative Birth Cohort Study

Last Reviewed: June 2016