Mentoring Program

PR Mentoring Program

"My mentee and I met and had a wide-ranging discussion about creating research partnerships, being a woman on the tenure track, and grant-writing. It helped me reflect on my own career as well, and I now have a new colleague in the process!" - Pat Camp, PT, MS, PhD

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Mentoring Program is a new opportunity being offered this year. If you are a junior member (mentee) or senior member (mentor), please complete the survey at the bottom of this page to be included in this program. Once you have been paired, you will be notified via e-mail.

PR Mentoring Program Goals

  1. Provide an avenue for junior faculty/clinicians and trainee participation and networking in the PR Assembly
  2. Help with navigating the ATS meeting.

Exectations for Mentors

  1. Introduce yourself and start a dialog with assigned mentee via phone, email or social networking media before the ATS meeting.
  2. Arrange a face to face meeting at some point during the ATS meeting.
  3. Encourage mentee to attend (with you) the PR Assembly business meeting on Monday May 21, 2018.

Exectations for Mentees

  1. Introduce yourself and start a dialog with your assigned mentor via phone, email or social media before the ATS meeting.
  2. Be proactive about communication, while being considerate of your mentor’s time.
  3. Plan on attending the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Assembly meeting on Monday May 21st.
  4. Prior to meeting with your mentor, the mentee should write down three (3) things that they would like to achieve through mentoring.

If you would like to participate in our mentoring program, sign up below. Please note that our mentoring program is currently offered solely to ATS International Conference attendees.

Last Reviewed: August 2018