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Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS)

Name of questionnaire Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS)
Type of questionnaire-description,age Assesses the subjective intensity of pain; ages 18 and above
Number of items Not applicable
Number of domains & categories Not applicable
Name of categories/domains   Not applicable
Scaling of items 0-10  Numerical Rating Scale, where 0 =‘no pain’ and 10 = ‘pain as bad as it could be’.
Minimal clinical diff 1-2.2 points (reference?)
Scoring available: with permission or free Permission
Scoring Internal consistency Yes
Scoring Test-retest reliability Yes. A composite pain intensity score calculated from an average of 1 2 ratings across 4 days demonstrated adequate reliability and excellent validity as a measure of the average pain in this sample of chronic pain patients.
Validity Yes
Language English
Translations in other languages (if yes, then list the languages) Not applicable
Developer name -
Developer contact information Copyrighted by Mosby, Inc.
Availability of questionnaire: needs permission from developer, cost or freely available  
Limitations Average pain scores calculated from ratings obtained from a single day were less stable than those calculated from ratings obtained from multiple days.Reliability and validity coefficients may be inadequate for examining the impact of a treatment on the pain ratings of small groups of subjects, or in examining changes in individuals over time.
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Other comments Patient-rated. Adequate stability  of values required at least 3 measures of pain intensity per day over the course of 4 days.
References (original publication) McCaffery, M., & Beebe, A. (1993). Pain: Clinical Manual for Nursing Practice. Baltimore: V.V. Mosby Company.
Jensen MP, McFarland CA. Increasing the reliability and validity of pain intensity measurement in chronic pain patients.Pain. 1993 Nov;55(2):195-203.
Last Reviewed: June 2016