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Planning and Evaluation Committee

Chair Molly L. Osborne, MD, PhD Portland, OR
Vice Chair Gregory Tino, MD Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Zea Borok, MD Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member Blanca Camoretti-Mercado, PhD Tampa, FL
Committee Member Peter Chen, MD Los Angeles, CA
Committee Member James Chmiel, MD, MPH Cleveland, OH
Committee Member Jason D. Christie, MD, MS Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member - PAR Representative Kerri Connolly Danvers, MA
Committee Member Robin R. Deterding, MD Aurora, CO
Committee Member Anne E. Dixon, MD Burlington, VT
Committee Member Kathleen O. Lindell, PhD, RN Pittsburgh, PA
Committee Member John G. Mastronarde, MD, MSc Portland, OR
Committee Member - CCR Representative Linda Nici, MD Providence, RI
Committee Member Mitchell A. Olman, MD, MA Cleveland, OH
Committee Member Charles A. Powell, MD New York, NY
Committee Member J. Usha Raj, MD Chicago, IL
Committee Member Carolyn L. Rochester, MD Cheshire, CT
Committee Member Eric S. White, MD, MS Ann Arbor, MI
Committee Member Krysta S. Wolfe, MD Chicago, IL
Committee Member David Wu, MD, PhD Chicago, IL
Staff Eileen Larsson New York, NY
Staff Stephen C. Crane, PhD, MPH New York, NY

The primary purpose of the planning and evaluation committee is to identify emerging trends and challenges that effect the ability of ATS to accomplish its missions, and provide advice and recommendations regarding ATS policy and service. The Committee periodically evaluates the effectiveness of the Society in accomplishing its mission and goals and in serving its members and the public by reviewing Society activities and accomplishments in specific areas. In conjunction with the Executive Committee, it also chooses specific areas for evaluation.

Benchmarks, 2017-2018:
• Distribute, analysis, and report to the BOD the results of various components of the membership survey;

• Participate in the development of the strategic thinking process and help to focus this process;

• Determine how best to synthesize and utilize the ATS staff SWOT analysis.