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Research Advocacy Committee

Chair Veena B. Antony, MD Birmingham, AL
Vice Chair Lynn B. Gerald, PhD, MSPH Tucson, AZ
Committee Member James K. Brown, MD San Francisco, CA
Committee Member Derek E. Byers, MD, PhD Kirkwood, MO
Committee Member Cory D. Cross, MD Oklahoma City, OK
Committee Member Aaron Hamvas, MD Chicago, IL
Committee Member Charles C. Hardin, MD, PhD Boston, MA
Committee Member Jay K. Kolls, MD New Orleans, LA
Committee Member Sonal Malhotra, MD, MPH Chicago, IL
Committee Member Thomas J. Mariani, PhD Rochester, NY
Committee Member Marilyn Moy, MD, MSc Boston, MA
Committee Member Anna Nolan, MS, MD New York, NY
Committee Member Stephen R. Reeves, MD, PhD Seattle, WA
Committee Member John P. Reilly, MD, MSCE Philadelphia, PA
Committee Member Amali E. Samarasinghe, PhD Memphis, TN
Committee Member Daniel J. Weiss, MD, PhD Burlington, VT
Committee Member - PAR Representative Tonya Winders Vienna, VA
Staff Nuala Moore Washington, DC

The principal function of the Research Advocacy Committee is to serve as a resource for the staff of the ATS Government Relations Office and to advise the ATS Executive Committee and Board of Directors on issues of policy importance and priorities for ATS action regarding research advocacy. The Research Advocacy Committee promotes the inclusion of the Society’s research agenda in the programs of relevant funding agencies and advocates for adequate funding of these programs to meet public needs, including patient-centered research that promotes health equality. It works collaboratively with the National Institutes of Health, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Veterans Administration, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to advance research in areas of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep. Working in close association with the ATS Governmental Relations Office, the Committee monitors congressional budgets and legislation with budgetary implications and advocates for research support. It should also collaborate with international societies and agencies to promote adequate funding of global research that addresses the Society’s research agenda.

Benchmarks, 2017-2018:

• Work with the other advocacy focused committees to determine methods to evaluate the effectiveness of the ATS advocacy efforts; Determine if we should develop research advocacy on a state/local level? Determine new advocacy methods in light of the new Washington administration;

• Provide information and guidance to the ATS Government Relations office on federal research funding and policy issues as they relate to the research interests of the ATS and its members;

• Report to the Executive Committee on progress of Veterans Administration Research Advocacy Subcommittee;

• Provide a 1-2 page outline of recommended requests of institute directors for the ATS meetings at the National Institutes of Health and the Veterans Administration Research program;

• Participate in ATS annual Hill Day in Washington DC to advocate for health research funding;

• Report to Executive Committee on committee activities in relation to advocacy efforts and any important policy initiatives that warrant a society response;

• Collaborate with the CCR, Health Policy Committee and other committees on advocacy to advance respiratory health;

• Inform and educate membership on issues pertaining to national funding agencies and opportunities, upcoming legislative issues that concern respiratory health, and opportunities for advocacy through the Research Quarterly.