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About ATS Membership

The membership of the American Thoracic Society (ATS) is composed of physicians, researchers, advanced practice nurses, respiratory therapists and other health-care professionals interested in fulfilling the Society's Mission to understand, prevent and, ultimately, eliminate lung disease worldwide. The 15,000-plus ATS members work in academic institutions, private practices, hospitals and scientific research settings around the globe.

While ATS members' interests are incredibly diverse, all find a professional home in the Society's special interest groups known as Assemblies. Among these groups are forums for environmental and occupational health, microbiology, pediatrics, sleep medicine, behavioral science, and pulmonary circulation.

Through their collective efforts, ATS members advance respiratory medicine by:

  • Conducting top-notch investigative science, supported in growing measure by our Research Program
  • Developing peer-reviewed, ATS Board-approved Statements and state-of-the-art standards for treatment which often become globally recognized standards on the respective topics,
  • Developing and participating in continuing medical education (CME) events at our annual International Conference and other professional development efforts

The ultimate effect of these activities is the improvement of the quality of life of individuals affected by lung disease, breathing disorders, and critical illnesses.

The most significant way for an interested professional to become a part of the activities of the American Thoracic Society is to join the Society as a member at the appropriate level. Membership fees, established by the ATS Board of Directors, are charged at standard rates.

However, in recognition of our international colleagues in lower-income and high-tuberculosis burdened countries, the Society offers the opportunity to become members at reduced rates, if qualified.

For your convenience, information on how to Become a Member of the American Thoracic Society is available online or by contacting our Member Services department at membership@thoracic.org. You may also call us at +1 (212) 315-8600.