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Member Benefits

ATS Member Profile Update

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As a member of the ATS, you are entitled to many benefits, including:

Membership in up to three of ATS' 13 Assemblies (interest groups) within the broad fields of respiratory disease and critical care medicine

Cutting-Edge Medical Journals & Publications*

Local & Global Advocacy Efforts

  • Help advocate for cleaner air, smoking cessation and tuberculosis control, among other public health issues
  • Stay abreast of practice and political and regulatory developments with subscriptions to the ATS Coding & Billing Quarterly and the Washington Letter

Discounts on Conferences, Educational Programs and Products

  •  Members save money when registering for these events and online resources:

Support the ATS Research Program

  • Support the ATS Research Program, which aids young investigators at a crucial point in their careers

Career Development

Society Leadership Rights & Privileges

  • Right to vote for ATS leaders (Full and Trainee members only)
  • Right to hold ATS-wide office (Full members only)
  • Right to belong to an ATS assembly and to vote for assembly leaders
  • Right to serve as an ATS-wide committee chair (Full and Trainee members only)
  • Right to serve as an ATS-wide committee member
  • Right to be recognized/to receive ATS-wide awards

Financial and Other Benefits

 (* Members outside the US receive the electronic version of journals only, but may subscribe to the print version of the blue journal for $75 per year. Contact membership@thoracic.org to subscribe to the print version. As of January 2011, the "red" journal will be available ONLINE ONLY to members, both domestic and international.)