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COPD Today is a resource for COPD patients and their families created by the American Thoracic Society and supported by an educational grant from Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc. The e-booklet discusses COPD symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments, and features the latest research on COPD presented at the ATS 2016 International Conference.

The e-booklet is free to download, and health care providers and patients are encouraged to share it widely.

Download the e-booklet here.

COPD Today content was developed independently by the American Thoracic Society. Reviewers included Kevin Wilson, MD, chief of ATS Documents & Patient Education; Marianna Sockrider, MD, DrPH, the ATS associate medical editor for patient education; and Susan Tarlo, MD, asthma content expert.

DISCLAIMER: This e-booklet is intended for informational purposes only, with the understanding that no one should rely upon this information as the basis for medical decisions. Anyone requiring medical or other health care should consult a medical or health care professional. Any actions based on the information provided are entirely the responsibility of the user, and of any medical or other health care professionals who are involved in such actions. The American Thoracic Society (ATS), Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Ascend Integrated Media have used reasonable efforts to include timely and accurate information in this e-booklet. The ATS, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Ascend Integrated Media make no representations or warranties, express or implied, regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information provided herein and specifically disclaim any liability, express or implied, in connection therewith. Photos in this booklet are used for illustrative purposes only. Any person depicted in the licensed material is a model, not an actual patient or health care professional.

Last Reviewed: August 2016