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Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care

Lahey Clinic
Burlington, MA

Anthony Campagna, MD

The three year Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowship at Lahey Clinic is arguably one of the top programs in the nation and it should be recognized for its world class training. The program accepts two fellows per year as well as an Interventional Pulmonary fellow and Sleep fellow. This high faculty to trainee ratio allows the fellows to build strong relationships with all faculty members, enhancing training. Twenty four hour in-house Intensivist coverage allows for continuous teaching and attending presence. This intense support fosters unparalleled growth and leadership. Fellows interact daily with Tuft’s University medical students and residents from Lahey allowing them to develop their own style of teaching and leadership.

Located in downtown Boston for over 50 years until it needed more space for its growing needs, Lahey Clinic continues to be recognized for its high quality healthcare in the Boston metro area. Its relationships built decades ago, offer excellent opportunities for fellows to rotate in the city at Boston Children’s for Cystic Fibrosis and Brigham and Women’s for Pulmonary Transplant. Home at Lahey, the fellows rotate through numerous specialty critical care units including cardiothoracic, cardiac, surgical/trauma, neurology/neurosurgery as well as two medical intensive care units.

Procedural training is unrivaled. The fellows have access to a state of the art simulation center offering training in virtual bronchoscopy and endobronchial ultrasound as well as training in difficult airways and code situations. Skills are sharpened on a daily basis by performing a large amount of the hospital’s endotracheal intubations, chest tubes, and percutaneous tracheostomies which are becoming a rare find in fellowship. Having a dedicated Interventional Pulmonary fellowship enhances fellows’ education by exposing them to advanced procedures including endobronchial ultrasound, brachytherapy, pleuroscopy, stenting, laser therapy, rigid bronchoscopy, and thermoplasty. As one of the first hospitals to ever offer interventional pulmonology, it hosts an annual International conference for which the fellows eagerly participate.

Fellows also enjoy the opportunity to work at a community hospital ICU. Not only does this opportunity give them one-on-one time with a pulmonary/critical care attending, but they experience a true community feel while being exposed to different resources and a new patient population.

In the outpatient setting, fellows are exposed to a wide array of pulmonary disease and disorders from all over New  England. Specialty clinics in alpha one antitrypsin deficiency, pulmonary hypertension, thoracic oncology, tuberculosis, and sleep give fellows a focused patient population and enhance learning with an attending who specializes in each area. Our tuberculosis clinic was also recently recognized by both the House of Representatives and the Senate for its achievements in outstanding patient care and prevention of tuberculosis.

Dedicated biweekly pulmonary and critical care conferences are supplemented with inter-departmental conferences on a regular basis including anesthesia, allergy, radiology, cardiology, and oncology nurturing a multidisciplinary application and understanding of medicine. This strong rapport with other departments creates a fertile environment for growth will spills over in to other fellowship programs.

Lahey Clinic is a national leader among Pulmonary and Critical Care fellowships, providing a comprehensive training program that offers a balance of support and independence. Its strong relationships with other departments and Boston area hospitals enhance an already well established program. Progressive independence and solid relationships with faculty create an environment of growth and allow for self-discovery. Lahey Clinic graduates post doctoral fellows who transition seamlessly in to attending role with confidence and a drive to continue to deliver compassionate high quality healthcare.


Last Reviewed: July 2016