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The Fellows e-Library: An Innovative Model of Education and Mentorship

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center
New York, NY

Abstract Title: 

Program Director: Edward Eden, MD
Associate Program Director: E. Mirna Mohanraj, MD
Type of Program: Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine
Abstract Authors: Wajih Aksamawati Dit Arja MB BCh, Pius Ochieng MD, Sorel Vladu MD, E Mirna Mohanraj MD, Edward Eden MD, Janet M Shapiro MD

Fellowship programs must evolve to address the new and preferred ways of active learning by fellows. This includes the use of electronic media, the active participation of the fellows in their education and development of an approach to life-long learning. We developed a Fellows e-Library in the Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine. The e-library which was created and directed by a senior fellow, supports the following goals: 1) collecting high-yield and landmark articles that fellows should know in the areas of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine, 2) developing a fellow-mentor relationship in the critical review of topics and articles, 3) making available all activities of the division including conference presentation slides, interesting radiology cases, policies, curriculum, guidelines and protocols.

The e-library site, created by a fellow, is located on the main hospital intranet site, and only attending and fellows are authorized to access the site. The e-library committee was assembled. This committee is led by the senior fellow, under the supervision of a senior attending, and members include the program director, associate program director and two junior fellows. Criteria were developed for submission of journal articles, including impact on practice, historical and landmark research, and guidelines of major societies. Every quarter, each fellow selects a topic, reviews the literature then chooses the 3 to 4 articles that best address the topic, and writes a small review describing the value of the selected articles. In every step of the process, fellows are mentored by a faculty member with expertise in the field. The e-Library committee meets quarterly to review and approve submissions. Subsequently, these articles are uploaded to an internal website and announced to the division. The other branches of the e-Library site include sections for all departmental conferences, interesting radiology cases with description and differential diagnosis. Access to the e-Library site is password protected and available to all fellows and attending members of the division. The complete site was designed by fellows using Microsoft Office with no extra expense to the division.

The e-Library submissions for 2 quarters have encompassed major topics of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. Fellows have spent dedicated time in journal review with their mentors. The e-Library committee has reviewed the submissions, requested further review if necessary, and recommended new topics. The fellows have accessed the e-Library site for article and guideline reviews.

We present the Fellows e-Library — an innovative, fellow-driven educational process that can be easily replicated in any program with minimal expense. The e-library will provide a current reference literature but most importantly, will foster a mentor relationship with faculty and provide the motivation and direction for continued self-learning.


Last Reviewed: July 2016