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Pulmonary Function Laboratory Registry

What is the American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Function Registry?

The American Thoracic Society Pulmonary Function Laboratory Registry is a voluntary group of almost 200 laboratories that recognize the importance of maintaining standards, sharing information, performing research, and speaking as a united front on issues of quality testing.

The registration procedure consists of completing an application and a questionnaire about your laboratory operations and your commitment to ATS/ERS testing standards.  There is also an administrative fee.

What are the specific goals of the Registry?

The registration procedure will provide a quality assurance checklist for pulmonary function laboratories using established American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory standards.

The Registry functions as a network of laboratories for exchange of information and education.  Registry members will have a password protected site that will include a bi-annual Newsletter, summaries/abstarcts of current and past Registry projects, links to important references, and space for member input/communication.

The ultimate goal of the Registry is to create a network of laboratories that can be utilized to advance policies to administrators, regulators, and third party payers.

The laboratories in the Registry can be used to create databases that can be used for research, “benchmarking”, policy making, and education.

This is strictly a registration program, not an accreditation program.

Why is the American Thoracic Society doing this?

There are important challenges facing pulmonary function laboratories.  These include maintaining quality with shrinking resources, assessing increasingly sophisticated technologies, assuring appropriate reimbursement and regulatory polices, and uniting as a strong voice for appropriate laboratory standards.

At the present time, pulmonary function laboratories have no national accreditation requirements.  Unlike other laboratories accredited by government or professional groups, pulmonary function laboratories are thus often subjected to arbitrary local or institutional standards that may not be appropriate.

The American Thoracic Society is the largest pulmonary organization in North America.  It has a strong track record in writing standards and has a well-established network and lobbying voice at the state and national level.  The American Thoracic Society is thus uniquely positioned to develop and give credibility to a national registry of pulmonary function laboratories that would address these issues.

How can a laboratory obtain the registration material?

Application forms can be obtained by contacting:

Barbara Horner
Associate Director, Education Databases and Projects
25 Broadway
New York, NY  10004
Telephone: (212) 315-8693
Fax: 212/315-6498
E-mail: bhorner@thoracic.org

Newsletters (For Members only)

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For information about the Pulmonary Function Laboratory Registry and the ATS Pulmonary Function Laboratory Management and Procedure Manual 2nd edition, click here or call Barbara Horner at (212) 315-8693.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Last Reviewed: June 2015