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2017-2018 Research Program Portfolio

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2017-2018 ATS Foundation Unrestricted Grants Apply for unrestricted grant support. Up to fifteen (15) unrestricted grants will be awarded in 2017. Three (3) grants will be awarded in each of the three pillars: pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine. The remaining nine (9) grants will be awarded to the top scored projects regardless of submitted category.

2017-2018 ATS Foundation
Partner Grants

These grants are offered in partnership with ATS Foundation Research Program's partners to support disease-specific research grants and fellowships. 
2017-2018 MECOR
Research Awards
The goal of the MECOR Research Awards is to provide small seed funds to the graduates of the ATS MECOR program with meritorious proposals to enable them to transition from trainees to investigators. Up to four (4) MECOR Awards will be awarded in 2017.
2017-2018 Grant for Hire Program
PHA Barst Fund and Proof-of-Concept Grants
PHA has contracted with the ATS Foundation Research Program for administrative services for this program. The target audience is investigators who are interested in pulmonary hypertension research. Up to three (3) Barst Fund Grants and one (1) Proof-of-Concept Grant will be awarded in 2017.
Last Reviewed: April 2017