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2014 MECOR Research Grants


The grants are explained below, along with the application process, applicant qualification requirements, instructions, timeline for the review process and submission requirements.

Please review all eligibility requirements before submitting a letter of intent or full application.

2014 Research Program Portfolio

Timeline for 2014 ATS Foundation Grants
(Funding to begin October 31, 2014)

May 9, 2014 Deadline for submission of letters of intent (LOI)
June 6, 2014 Review of the LOI’s
Mid-Late June 2014 Applicants will receive official notification on their LOI’s
July 18, 2014 Submission deadline for full grant applications
Late September, 2014 Review of grant applications
Early-Mid October 2014 Award notifications sent to applicants and institutions

The awards are explained below, along with the application process, instructions, timeline for the review process, applicant eligibility requirements, and submission requirements.

Please address all questions about the MECOR Research Awards to Fran du Melle, Senior Director, International Programs and Activities, at fdumelle@thoracic.org or Stephen C. Crane, PhD, MPH at scrane@thoracic.org.


The goal of the MECOR Research Awards is to provide small seed funds to the graduates of the ATS MECOR program with meritorious proposals to enable them to transition from trainees to investigators.

Number, size and duration of the awards

There will be a total of four nonrenewable awards of up to $5000 each.
Duration: up to 1 year with the option of 1 year no‐cost extension.

Eligibility Criteria

Please read the eligibility information below before you start your application.

  • Candidates must be graduates of the ATS MECOR program (L. America, PATS, Turkey, India, and Vietnam);
  • Candidates must have accomplished at least level II with preference given to level III and above;
  • Candidates must not be recipients of a previous MECOR research award;
  • Candidates must be employed at a research/academic/governmental institution/agency in their local country, or be able to demonstrate that they will be employed at such an institution at the time the award is granted.
  • Preference will be given to projects that measure the burden of disease.

Review Process

The ATS SAC will review the full MECOR applications.  The membership of the ATS SAC is listed on the ATS web site. Additional ad hoc reviewers will be invited to participate, as needed. Funding decisions will be made on the basis of scientific merit, novelty, and responsiveness to the purpose of the specific grant program.

ATS Policy on Additional Grant Funding

Simultaneous submission of grants with scientific overlap is allowed, but if multiple applications are funded, then the applicant must notify the ATS within one month of formal notification of award. A subcommittee of SAC will assess degree of overlap. In case of significant scientific overlap the applicant will have to choose between the ATS research grant and the other grant. Budgetary overlap is not allowed.

Application Forms and Submission

Applications can be accessed and must be submitted through the Foundant Technologies website.