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2014 ATS Secretary-Treasurer Election: Cast your Vote

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Karen A. Fagan, MD Marc Moss, M.D.
       Karen A. Fagan, MD        Marc Moss, MD

The 2014 ATS Secretary-Treasurer Election is under way, and the ATS Nominating Committee has selected two candidates: Karen A. Fagan, MD, and Marc Moss, MD.

Dr. Fagan is professor of Internal Medicine and Pharmacology and chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine Division at the University of South Alabama Health System. Dr. Moss is the Roger S. Mitchell Professor of Medicine in the Division of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

The choice you make is critical, as the successful candidate will not only serve as secretary-treasurer during the 2014–15 term but also as president in 2017–2018.

Voting will close March 28, and election results will be posted on the ATS website on April 1.  

Drs. Fagan and Moss have written brief statements and responded to 11 key questions regarding their visions for the future of the Society. They have also prepared three-minute video introductions. Before you make this important decision, please thoughtfully review their statements and videos.

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