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Schedule - Secretary

Phase I:  Call for Secretary Nominations (May – August)

Submit your nominations here.

Phase II:  Request for Letters of Interest and updated CV (Due September 30)

View instructions.

Phase III:  Review of Letters of Interest and CVs (October 15)

  • The Nominating Committee will meet virtually to review the letters of interest and CVs.
  • The Nominating Committee may contact your colleagues to gain insight regarding your leadership style.
  • Applicants who are selected to move to the next phase will be asked to submit the following items:
    • Provide the names of five ATS members who would be willing to submit a brief letter in support of their nomination;
    • Provide a brief bio statement;
    • Respond to 10 vital questions; your response should be no more than three pages in length
  • Applicants who are not selected will be provided with a detailed explanation.
  • The Nominating Committee will determine if a second call for nominations should be issued.

Phase IV:  Submission of Materials (Due November 15th)

  • Names of letter writers (5)
  • Brief bio statement
  • Letter to ATS Nominating Committee: Your response to 10 vital questions.

Phase V:  ATS Nominating Committee Meeting (January)

  • The ATS Nominating Committee will meet virtually to interview and evaluate the applicants. They will select two candidates (and an alternate) who will stand for election by the membership.
  • Applicants will be required to join the Nominating Committee meeting via video

Phase VI: Election

Election will be held in March 2023, with a formal announcement of the winner in April. For more information regarding campaigning procedures please visit about/governance/nominations/campaigning-guidelines-for-the-position-of-ats-secretary_jan-20211.pdf


If you have any questions regarding the ATS Nomination process, please contact governance@thoracic.org or 212-315-6444.

Note: The schedule outlined above is subject to change by the ATS Nominating Committee.