2015 Conference Press Releases

Many Children with Asthma Have Reaction to Peanuts, But Do Not Know It

Sleep Apnea Linked to Depression in Men

Air Pollution and Impaired Lung Function Prove Independent Risk Factors for Cognitive Decline

Mechanical and Chemical Characteristics of Electronic Cigarettes Contribute to Potentially Hazardous Effects

One Exposure to E-Cigarette Use Diminishes Cough Reflex Sensitivity

COPD Is Independent Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Death, But Not Risk of Stroke

Certain Risk Factors Can Predict the Risk for COPD Exacerbations In Patients Using Inhaled Medications

Sleep Apnea Common Among Patients Undergoing Heart Procedure

Study Suggests Need for Renal Protective Care in Pediatric Lung Transplant Patients

Smoking a Significant Predictor of Lung Cancer Recurrence in Survivors

New School-Based Program Helps Reduce Absentee Rate for Urban Minority Children with Asthma

Music Helps Patients Undergoing Daily Weaning From Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Helps Patients Newly Diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

COPD Is More Prevalent in Poor and Rural Areas of the U.S.

Readmissions in Severe Sepsis Are as Common as Those in Heart Failure and Pneumonia

Shorter Stature Appears to Lead to Higher Mortality Rates, Longer Waiting Times for Lung Transplantation

Adding Genetic Information Changes Risk Profile of Smokers and Results in Greater Adherence to CT Lung Screening

Electronic Cigarette Flavorings Alter Lung Function at the Cellular Level

Evidence that Electronic Cigarettes Are Effective for Smoking Cessation Long-Term is Lacking

Regular Aspirin Use May Slow Progression of Early Emphysema

Inhaled Corticosteroids for COPD Decrease Mortality Risk from Pneumonia and Other Causes

Mechanical Ventilation Associated with Long-Term Disability