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4DMedical Teaming with ATS Diversity Fund to Improve Access and Equity in American Health Care

May 05, 2021 -- The American Thoracic Society is recognized for its commitment to diversity and inclusion and is respected as a powerful advocate protecting the health of the American people by encouraging increased investment in public health care.  During the ATS 2021 International Conference starting May 14, respiratory imaging disruptor 4DMedical is partnering with the ATS to make better health care technologies accessible to those who need it the most.

On behalf of each attendee who visits the 4Diversity fundraising page during ATS 2021, 4DMedical will donate $50 to ATS’s diversity initiatives. By simply visiting the “4Diversity” web page and viewing a 30-second video about the initiative, conference attendees can then register their support for this ATS corporate social responsibility endeavour to help raise funds.

“Our aim is to raise $50,000 towards addressing the root causes of poor health, including those limiting access to care and diagnostic services,” said ATS Chair of the Health Equity and Diversity Committee, Neeta Thakur, MD.  “Coupling advancements in imaging technology, such as the 4DMedical's breakthrough lung imaging system that takes advantage of available low-cost resources, with expanded health insurance to cover such technologies are just two ways of moving towards more equitable access to health care.”

4DMedical’s Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Andreas Fouras, lauded the ATS’s ambition.  “Our low-dose imaging protocols making use of low-cost X-ray equipment already found in thousands of clinics across the country, and dedicated lung scanners are designed to reach the youngest and the most vulnerable,” Dr Fouras said.  “Eliminating health inequity is fundamental to the 4DMedical mission and we are delighted to partner with the ATS in pursuing this very worthy objective.”

Beyond an unambiguous expression of support to the ATS enabling conference attendees to also display their personal commitment to diversity and inclusion in health care, 4DMedical is working to practically utilize its XV LVAS technology in a clinical setting to assist those disenfranchised by inadequate access to respiratory imaging, with an announcement expected during the conference.

For further information visit: thoracic.org.