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Executive Office
Chief Executive Officer Karen J. Collishaw, MPP, CAE
Chief, Operations Stephen Altobelli
Chief, Advocacy & Government Relations Gary Ewart, MHS
Chief, Journals Diane Gern, MA
Chief Financial Officer Patricia C. Huie
Chief of Development Michelle Turenne
Chief, Documents & Patient Education Kevin Wilson, MD
Senior Director of Governance and Leadership Development Nicola Black
Coordinator, Governance Activities Kedrin MacKenzie
Assembly Programs
Senior Director, Assembly Programs and Program Review Subcommittee Miriam Rodriguez
Associate Director, Assembly Programs Javier Guzman
Manager, Assembly Programs Nicole Feijoo
Assistant Manager, Assembly Programs Maria V. Novozhilova
Assembly Programs Coordinator Bridget Nance
Assembly Programs Coordinator Ruth Myers
Coordinator, Assembly Programs Melanie Cohen
Finance and Administration
Chief Financial Officer Patricia C. Huie
Senior Manager, Financial Planning and Analysis Neil Kerley
Associate Controller Joseph Brunetti
Manager Payroll & Accounts Payable Ellen Tam
Communications and Marketing
Director, Communications and Marketing Dacia Morris, MSW
Senior Manager of Marketing Briana Shymkus, MA
Social Media Manager Stephanie Fulgione, MS
Creative Services
Senior, Art Director Dorcas Gelabert, MA, MFAM, BFA
Graphic Designer/Peer Conferences Sonja Wilder
Graphic Designer/Motion Graphics Benjamin Asbell
Documents and Patient Education
Director of Clinical Practice Guideline Implementation Joseph Ruminjo, MD
Senior Director, Patient Education and Documents Judy Corn
Senior Director, Vaccine Initiatives Amy Farrell Stern
Associate Director, Conflict of Interest and Documents John Harmon
Manager, Vaccine Initiatives Anna Hrovat
Corporate Alliances and Development
Chief of Development Michelle Turenne
Senior Director, Strategic Business Initiatives Stacy McManus, CEM
Associate Director, Exhibition Matthew Whyte
Associate Director, Corporate Alliances Vlada Kagan O'Hara
Assistant Manager, Corporate Alliances Dayna Howell
Exhibit Sales Associate Steven Strom
Project Coordinator, Strategic Business Initiatives Waleska Alvarez
Chief, Journals Diane Gern, MA
Senior Manager, Editorial Eric Gumpert
Senior Manager, Editorial and Production Katherine Eberenz
Director, Technical Peer Review Fay Ling, MS, MLS
Associate Director, Editorial and Production Nicole DeGennaro
Associate Director, Peer Review/Editorial Marc Bendian, MA
Peer Review Supervisor Vanessa Johnson
Digital Media Specialist Hannah Washington
Production Editor Jennifer Stinnett
Senior Production Coordinator Nicole Allen
Sr. Production Coordinator Megan Murphy
Education Programs
Senior Director, Professional Development & Training Lauren G. Lynch
Associate Director, Education Products and Programs Barbara Horner, Certification in Business
Associate Director, Education Programs and Accreditation Suzette Machado
Associate Director, Education Projects & Junior Professionals Elizabeth Kay Guzman
Senior Coordinator, Education Programs Allison Koury
Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policies
Senior Director, Ethics and Professionalism Shane McDermott
Associate Director, Conflict of Interest and Documents John Harmon
Senior Coordinator, Conflict of Interest and Documents. Anne Richard
Human Resources
Senior Director, Human Resources Rhina Guzman, PHR
Office Manager John McQuade
Integrated Technology Services
Senior Director, Information Strategy and Management Doron Ben-Avraham
Director, Information Technology Maribel Lim, MSCIS
Director, Interactive Research and Development Robert Duffy
Manager, Web & Application Development Kevin Cox
Software Architect Ryan Hazen
Salesforce Administrator Stephen Banisch, MD
Front End Web Developer Jihae Chung
Project Manager Randy Hummer
Website/It Support Specialist Eric M. Chu
Web Developer Jason Droste
Network Manager Kevin Chiu
International Conference and Scientific Programs
Director, International Conference and Scientific Programs D'Ann Brown-Janowiak
Associate Director, International Conference and Scientific Abstracts Nancy Guerrero
Program Manager, International Conference and Digital Projects Ho Young Hung
Assistant Manager, Scientific Meetings & Conferences Liliana Rose
Assistant Manager, International Conference and Scientific Abstracts Liliana Rose
Meeting Services
Senior Director, Meeting Services Emily Catanzaro, CMP
Director, of Registration and Housing Anne Sheerin
Associate Director, Meeting Services Shannon Payne Binger, CEM
Manager, Meeting Services Takeya Galloway, CMP
Senior Coordinator, Meeting Services Christin McGrath
Director, Membership Jennifer Collin
Business Services
Sr. Manager, Business Services-Subscriptions Muricia N. Alexander
Concierge Services
Senior Customer Service Representative Sherryl-Anne F. Vega, BA
Public Advisory Roundtable
Senior Director, Health Equity and Community Engagement Courtney L. White, MLS, CAE
Manager, Public Advisory Roundtable Bridget Burns, MA
Manager, Equity & Community Outreach Kimberly Lawrence
Research Program
Associate Director, ATS Research Program Erin Marie Nebel, MA
Administrative Assistant, Research Program (P/T) Alexandra Gonzales
Government Relations
Chief, Advocacy & Government Relations Gary Ewart, MHS
Associate Director, Government Relations Valerie Adelson
Coordinator, Government Relations Jacob Blumenstock
International Programs and Activities
Senior Director, Global Health Cristina Braz
Manager, Global Health Noelani Randazzo