Industry Innovations



The ATS welcomes and encourages industry supported, non-accredited webinars to be part of the year round ATS Industry Innovations webinars. An Industry Innovations webinar is the optimal opportunity for companies to promote brand launches or current therapies, conduct a focused program on disease awareness, or discuss current pipeline activity.

There are 22 webinars available each calendar year. A company and/or their agency can purchase up to 4 webinars in a calendar year with an option to be added to a waitlist for two more. If a company is waitlisted, and the date is open 45 days out they are eligible to purchase it. The maximum number of webinars a company and/or their agency can purchase in a calendar year is 6. The application for 2021 dates opens in October 2020.


All webinars are facilitated using the ATS webinar platform. Webinar registration is set to allow up to the selected audience. 


image        $12,000 per webinar (150 live attendees) 

$15,000 per webinar (600 live attendees) 


  • 30 to 60 minutes in length including Q&A
  • Polling, surveys, interactive whiteboard, and live chat available 
  • Speaker(s) on webcam (optional)
  • Professional moderator (optional)
  • Pre-event lobby for attendees
  • Live webinar facilitation with pre-event greenroom
  • Rehearsal for live webinars (at least 1 week in advance)
  • Option to pre-record webinar (released on set date) instead of live  
  • Editing for pre-recorded webinar (30 minutes of editing time)
  • Speaker training/orientation call
  • Technical assistance for speakers and attendees
  • Opening slide provided by the ATS
  • Satisfaction survey distributed to all participants 
  • Archive hosted on ATS YouTube page under Industry Innovations playlist (optional)


  • ATS creates the webinar registration page with disclaimers*
    1. Registration link shared with sponsor for promotion
  • ATS promotes webinar in member newsletters. (based on when contract received) 
    1. ATS News – (published once a month) includes link to webinar registration
    2. ATS Stat – (published twice a month) – includes link to webinar registration in two issues of Stat
    3. ATS Morning Minute – (published daily) promo listed twice - once on each of the two Mondays before the webinar. 
  • ATS sends one targeted email blast to members promoting sponsored webinar
  • The ATS promotes registration for webinar once on each of our social media outlets. 
    1. Facebook post
    2. Facebook event creation 
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Twitter (twice) 
  • The ATS provides post -promotion of the archived webinar hosted on ATS YouTube channel once on our social media outlets after video posts 

*Disclaimer to be posted on registration page, YouTube Playlist and on opening slide: Opinions expressed and resources shared may not have been reviewed by the ATS prior to distribution through ATS channels, or reflect official positions of the ATS, unless it is explicitly noted as a result of official ATS approval. References to specific commercial entities (companies) or products do not reflect review or endorsement by the ATS unless it is explicitly noted as a result of official ATS approval.    


  • Registration link for sponsor promotion of webinar 
  • Technical assistance during webinar recording
  • Webinar registration list with emails
  • Polling responses and questions from webinar (if used)
  • Wrap up report to include webinar metrics, and analytics
  • Satisfaction survey results
  • Video hosted on ATS YouTube page under the Industry Innovations Webinar Playlist 
  • Direct link to webinar on ATS YouTube page 
  • MP4 file of webinar

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