Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I. Name

This organization shall be known as the American Thoracic Society Scientific Assembly on Allergy, Immunology and Inflammation (AII).

II. Objectives

A. To encourage communication among scientists and clinicians concerned with allergic and immunologic mechanisms affecting the respiratory system in health and disease:

  1. to collect, interpret and disseminate information concerning basic immunologic and inflammatory mechanisms in the lung and the effects of these mechanisms on respiratory disease;

  2. to promote discussion and evaluation of studies of the relationships between allergic and immunological mechanisms and respiratory systems;

  3. to develop a forum in the ATS (utilizing workshops, symposia, and free communication of scientific papers) for workers in all branches of science and medicine concerning allergy, immunology and inflammation to exchange ideas and new information.

B. To identify unsolved problems relating to effects of allergic, immunologic or inflammatory mechanisms on the respiratory system in health and disease.

C. To encourage multi-disciplinary approaches for studies in this field.

D. To promote the training of physicians and basic scientists in the field of respiratory allergy and lung inflammation.

E. To promote research support for investigations in these fields.

III. Scope

A. Entry, absorption, clearance, retention, metabolism, immunologic and inflammatory response to, and health effects of antigens which affect the respiratory system

B. Diseases of the respiratory system which appear to involve allergic, immunologic and/or other inflammatory mechanisms such as asthma, allergic alveolitis, autoimmune diseases (e.g., Goodpasture's syndrome), pulmonary fibrosis, (e.g., Sarcodosis) and inflammatory responses associated with acute and chronic lung injury.