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Georgia L Narsavage, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FAAN, FNAP

Georgia L Narsavage, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, FAAN, FNAP

What is your current position?

I am Director of Interprofessional Education at West Virginia Health Sciences Center and Professor in the School of Nursing at West Virginia University in Morgantown, West Virginia.

What are you passionate about in your work? 

The opportunity to educate our health science students (nursing, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, OT, PT, Med lab science, and Public Health)  in creative ways to attain competencies in ethics, communication, professionalism, teamwork, and improving quality and safety in patient centered care. I also enjoy teaching leadership to doctoral students.

Tell us about a memorable patient or student that you worked with?

A student who was born without an arm - she was so determined - faculty worked with her in advance of the regular labs so she could teach them how she could do things like taking a blood pressure - she graduated and inspired us all to think in terms of abilities - not disabilities!

Tell us about your latest or favorite research project? 

We just completed a pilot study of telemonitoring for patients with lung cancer.  Telemonitor data were used by our clinical research nurses as the basis for phone calls daily to coach patients toward self-management.  The feasibility study is published:
Petitte T, Narsavage GL, Chen YJ, Forth T, Frick K. (2014) Feasibility Study:  A Home Telemonitoring Pilot for Lung Cancer Patients in a Mountainous Rural Area. Oncology Nursing Forum, 41(2), 153-161. doi: 10.1188/14.ONF.153-161.
My Interprofessional Education position has benefitted from funding to educate faculty and fund interprofessional practice projects:
Narsavage GL (PD).  InterProfessional Education (IPE) in Appalachia Faculty Workshop.  The Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation, 2013-2014 ($10,000). Faculty from a tri-state participated in a workshop to develop interprofessional education curricular activities.
Narsavage GL (PD).  Community-Based Care: InterProfessional Education (IPE) Applied to Practice in Appalachia.  The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, 2013-2014 ($125,000). Faculty and students from WVU Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, and Public Health work with community partners in interprofessional teams to implement Community-Based Care Projects.

How do you spend your leisure time (yes, hopefully you have leisure time)?

Travel -This past year I have been to Munich (for ERS), followed by a Pilgrimage in Israel (including meeting with faculty in the SON at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem). I also took a 12 day train tour across Canada.

Do you have children? Tell us about them.

In Columbus OH: Peter Alan (Civil Engineer) married to Sarah (HS Math teacher) - children Patrick - 17 and Eliza 14 - both play in the Bishop Watterson HS band - fun!
Paul - Computer Systems Analyst for Dunn & Bradstreet - partner Mike - living in Bethlehem PA
Marea - Customer Service for international Bearing Co near Allentown PA - daughter Kylie is 7 and in 2nd grade - dances and loves art stuff - also fun!

Do you have pets? Tell us about them.

Not since moving. I had a delightful mixed breed dog named Tammy for many years.

How has your view of nursing changed over the years?

It is ever evolving.  I cannot wait to see what comes next --- who would have thought we could get vital signs and talk to patients over the miles using our computers and phones?

How long have you been a member in ATS?

Since 1990 – my doctoral student days

Do you have a mentor that has helped you? 

So many --to name a few: Anne Keane at the University of Pennsylvania who worked with Terri Weaver and I to finish our PHD studies; Florence Downs at PENN who edited my first article for nursing research; Mary Naylor and Audrey Gift at PENN who were critical in my post-doctoral study; May Wykle at FPB, Case Western Reserve U - who was a Dean exemplar; Joyce Fitzpatrick at FPB who is phenomenal at development.
And my wonderful husband Peter - 46 years married in October - he keeps me grounded....

What is the value of your membership in ATS?

The network and professional opportunities


Last Reviewed: June 2016