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Tania T. Von Visger, APRN, CCRN, MSN, PCCN

What is your current position?

I am currently a Clinical Nurse Specialist at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center. My specialty areas are in Abdominal Transplant and Hemodialysis. I am also a post-candidacy doctoral (Ph.D.) student at the Ohio State University College of Nursing. My research will be in the area of Integrative Therapy testing for symptoms management for patients with cardiopulmonary disease as a way to improve patients’ quality of life.

What are you passionate about in your work?

I am passionate about empowering bedside nurses to do their very best in providing a high quality of care to patients within a complex academic center.  As a clinical expert, I provide formal and informal consultation that facilitate patient management. I love to see them grow and advance in their career and excel as nurses.

Tell us about a memorable patient or student that you worked with or a memorable experience in your nursing career.

My most memorable experience helped me realize the impact that we as nurses have on our patients and their families. As a new SICU nurse at the University of Maryland Medical System, I was assigned to a patient who had simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant. I became her primary nurse and took care of her for about one month in the ICU going through many courses of infections, pulmonary complications, and cardiac decompensation. I got to know her husband very well, as he pretty much “lived” at the hospital. When she passed away, I felt like a “failure” for not being able to save her. The following week, her husband came to visit me with a big basket of goodies from their farm and said “You gave me hope. You provided care with love and compassion and for that I thank you.” This experience showed me that I had fulfilled my nursing goal of “making the difference” as I indicated before entering in this wonderful profession.

Tell us about your latest or favorite research or clinical project.

Since my research interest is in Integrative Therapy implementation to alleviate symptoms related to chronic illness, I always seek the opportunity to be involved in research using various integrative therapies. Recently, I participated in the use of Mindfulness-In-Motion program to reduce work-related stress among ICU nurses at the OSUWMC. I believe that promoting holistic health and self-care for nurses can translate into the better work environment and more positive patient outcome.

Tell us about your family (2 and/or 4 legged) and how you spend your leisure time (yes, hopefully you have leisure time).

I have been married to my college sweetheart for 30 years. Because of our careers, we have lived in Los Angeles, Baltimore, Boston and now Columbus. As a Transplant Nephrologist, we manage the same patients working at the same institutions (have been mostly for the past 30 years). We have a 16-year-old son in high school. We have a 7-year-old Beagle mix named “Allie”.  My favorite leisure activities are traveling, cross stitch, Zumba, yoga, hip hop, swimming, guitar playing, meditation, and cook exotic cuisine.

How has your view of nursing changed over the years?

While there is value to the use of technology in health care, we should not underestimate the importance of personal touch. When we use both high tech and high touch, we achieve greatness.

How long have you been a member of ATS?

Since 2013. Three years.

Do you have a mentor who has helped you?

Dr. Mary Beth Happ is my mentor and also my academic advisor. She exemplifies what a great mentor is, and I am in awe of how she does what she does every day.  I have learned so much from her wisdom, insight, and knowledge.
Dr. DorAnne Donesky is also another mentor who help me to get acclimated in the Nursing Assembly. She guides me and mentors me in getting our Integrative Therapy Workgroup of the ground. I appreciate her direct and honest feedback about my particular area of growths and development.

What is the value of your membership in ATS?

Networking with scholars with similar passion and interests. Potential opportunity to network even outside the US. A way to contribute and give my time and energy that will benefit clinicians and patients with pulmonary conditions.


Last Reviewed: June 2016