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Nursing Mentorship Progam

The 2017 NUR Mentoring Program is now closed.
Check back next year in February for the 2018 NUR Mentoring Program.

Expectations for Mentors

The key role of the mentor is to direct the mentee's professional development, and provide career guidance.  In addition, the role of the mentor is to aid the mentee to explore the available research opportunities. 

  • Assist in determining mentee's short- and long- term goals and set a clear timeline for achieving these goals.  Example of goals, abstract or grant submission. 
  • Offer advice in practice, research, or academia, or specialty area; and provide constructive feedback
  • Establish a strategy for a mentee's career development
  • Make time to meet with the mentee during the conference.  

Expectations for Mentees

  • Mentees are required to attend the international conference in order to participate in the mentoring program
  • It is the responsibility of the mentee to contact the mentor prior to the international conference to make an appointment to meet during the conference.
  • Mentee should identify developmental needs and set development goals prior to the meeting
  • Prior to meeting with your mentor, write down three things that you would like to achieve through mentoring.
  • You should also write down three things that you would like your mentor to offer as a part of the relationship.
  • Prepare a short bio, resume or CV to share with your mentor when you first meet.

Note: The official mentorship relationship is limited to emails prior and meetings during the international conference. Any additional mentorship is at the discretion of the mentor.

Last Reviewed: June 2017