Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The ATS Nursing Assembly is committed to fostering an international nursing network dedicated to building the scientific foundation for nursing practice that is translated and implemented to deliver patient-centered, interdisciplinary care for people affected by respiratory, critical care or sleep-related conditions across the lifespan and care settings.

The focus of our members’ research and practice:

  • Preventing disease and disability related to respiratory, critical care and sleep-related conditions
  • Improving management of symptoms resulting from and associated with respiratory, critical care or sleep-related conditions
  • Enhancing end-of-life and palliative care

Examples of areas of interests in health promotion and disease prevention include reducing the risks of respiratory disease associated with health disparities, tobacco use, and work-related exposures. Areas of interest related to the management of chronic respiratory disease includes disease self-management, symptom perceptions and experiences, and clustered co-morbidities. Areas of interest related to enhancing palliative and end-of-life care include end-of-life communication with providers and patients, improving health-related quality of life, and improving the dying experience.