Pulmonary Rehabilitation

How to Tweet

Twitter is a way to link with people and organisations from all over the world.  It is also a method of sharing and finding out about the latest research findings and activities. We have compiled a short guide on how to use Twitter and for more detailed information follow this link: https://support.twitter.com/articles/215585

  1. Set up your account: 
    • Go to www.twitter.com
    • Click Sign upand follow the prompts
    • This allows you to create your Twitter username or 'handle' for example @PR_Assembly is the handle for the ATS PR Assembly
  2. Follow people or organisations:
    • Click in the 'search field' at the top of your home page
    • Type a handle or first and last name.  For example for the ATS PR assembly, type 'PR Assembly'
    • When you do, you will get a list of users who match your search criteria.
    • Click on the user you are interested in and click on the Follow button
    • When a person or organisation that you follow tweets, you will see their message on your 'homepage'
  3. Send a tweet:
    • Click the 'Compose message' icon (quill symbol) and type your message in the box that appears
    • You are allowed to type 140 characters andthe entry field will automatically count your characters so you know how many you have left
    • If you want to direct your comments to one specific person or organisation but still send a public message address the person by using their Twitter handle preceded by the "@" symbol. For example:@PR_Assembly I really enjoyed yesterday's webinar
    • Everyone who is following @PR_Assembly and you will see the message, but itis specifically directed at the PR Assembly. Those who are not following the PR Assembly or you will not see the message.
    • If you want to add or highlight a keyword or topic, insert the hashtag symbol '#'.  For example:#pulmrehab improves exercise capacity, dyspnea and quality of life in #COPD
    • If you click on a hash tag, it will show you all the other tweets associated with a hashtag.
    • Commonly used hashtags related to pulmonary rehabilitation include: #pulmrehab, #PhysicalActivity, #COPD, #IPF.
    • Conferences may have an official hashtag, for example, #ATS2016which enables everyone at the conference to track what everyone is saying about the conference
    • If you want to add a photo, a video, a poll, or a gif: click 'Compose new Tweet' (quill symbol) and then click the icon you require e.g. click camera to upload a photo. Adding a photo will decrease your tweet character length by 24 characters, but you can add up to four photos.
  4. Privacy:
    • Remember, everything on Twitter is public by default. However, you can easily make your own private experience. If you'd like to make Twitter a place where you privately interact with friends, just set your account to private. Turning this setting on means you will have to manually give permission to anyone who wants to follow you if you'd like them to be able to see your tweets and communicate with you. With a private account, only the people who you've given permission to follow you will see your tweets.
Last Reviewed: February 2017