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2018 ATS Abstract Scholarship Award Recipients

These Abstract Scholarship Awards have been funded by the American Thoracic Society

Konstantinos-Dionysios Alysandratos, MD, PhD
Boston University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Correction Of Type 2 Alveolar Epithelial Cell Dysfunction By Gene Editing Patient-specific Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Dierdre Axell-House, MD
University of Virginia
Abstract Title: Fibrocytes in Pulmonary Fibrosis: Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Crossover Pilot Study of Sirolimus in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Kolene Bailey, MD
University of Colorado, Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus
Abstract Title: Bioengineered Hydrogels to Improve Three-Dimensional (3D) Models of Lung Regeneration in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Elizabeth Becker, MSc
Boston University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Derivation of a Bronchial Airway Gene Expression Signature Associated with FEV1 Decline

Natália Blanco, Ms
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro
Abstract Title: Therapeutic Effects of Extracellular Vesicles Released from Bone Marrow  Adipose and Lung Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Experimental Sepsis

Jeffrey D. Brand, PhD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Abstract Title: Influenza Infection Reduces Ion Channel Activity and Dysregulates Airway Surface Liquid Homeostasis

Jennifer Cairns, PhD, BSc(Hons)
University of Nottingham
Abstract Title: Elk1 Gene Deletion Leads to Spontaneous Early Fibrotic Changes and Up-Regulation of Fibrotic Genes in the Ageing Lung

Nunzia Caporarello, BS, MS
Mayo Clinic
Abstract Title: Loss Of PGC1α Leads To Mitochondrial Dysfunction And Contributes To Lung Fibroblast Activation.

Zi Chen, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Tyrosine Phosphatase SHP-1 Regulates Pulmonary Fibrosis through Inhibition of β-Catenin Activation in Lung Epithelial Cells

Jingbo Dai, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago
Abstract Title: Alpha-EnolaseInhibition Reverses Experimental Pulmonary Hypertension Via the AMPK-Akt-GSK3β Pathway

Jamie Everman, PhD
National Jewish Health
Abstract Title: The Proteome of Airway Epithelial Mucus and Apical Secretions is Altered by IL-13 Stimulation and Results in Changes to Ciliary Beat Dynamics

Matthias Felten, MD
Abstract Title: The Circadian Clock in Myeloid Cells Regulates The Severity of Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury in Mice

Feng Guo, PhD
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Abstract Title: The Asthma Susceptibility Gene ORMDL3 Regulates Autophagy in Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Kelly D. Hebert II, BSc
Tulane School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Effect of IL-22 on Lung Progenitor Cells

Wan-Chi Lin, PhD
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Abstract Title: Epithelial Membrane Protein 2 Regulates Transepithelial Migration of Neutrophils into the Inflamed Airspace

Suchan Niroula, B.Tech.
University of Houston
Abstract Title: Clonal Analysis of Airway Stem Cell Heterogeneity in Cystic Fibrosis

Louise Organ, BSc
University of Nottingham
Abstract Title: Changes In Biomarkers Of Collagen Synthesis And Degradation Correlate With Disease Progression And Mortality In Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Maria Pabon, MD
New York Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Medicine
Abstract Title: Beclin 1 Regulates Smoke Induced Kidney Injury in a Murine Model of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Arunima Sengupta, MSc
Comprehensive Pneumology Center
Abstract Title: Secreted Frizzled Receptor Protein 1 (SFRP1) As A Novel Regulator Of The RhoA/Rock1 Pathway Is Expressed In A Distinct Subset Of Fibroblasts In The Fibrotic Lung

Qi Tan, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Abstract Title: Targeting Cebpα/bmp4 Signaling To Restore Epithelial-Mesenchymal Homeostasis In Lung Fibrosis.

Eleanor Valenzi, MD
University of Pittsburgh
Abstract Title: Single Cell RNA-Seq Analysis of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Reveals Alterations in Lung Cell Populations and in Selective Cell Expression of the Biomarkers MMP-7, CCL-18, and MUC1

Milica Vukmirovic, PhD
Yale University School of Medicine
Abstract Title: Alveolar and Myofibroblast Foci Specific Genome-Wide Gene Expression Profiling Reveal Common Regulatory Events Across Cell Types

David Wu, MD, PhD
University of Chicago
Abstract Title: Flow-Mediated Inflammatory Signaling Through Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species In Endothelial Cells Is Mediated by Glycolytic Suppression of Oxidative Phosphorylation

Jeong Yun, MD, MPH
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Abstract Title: Single Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis Of Hhip+/- Murine Lung Reveals Cell Type Specific Changes Related To Inflammatory Pathways

Yuyue Zhao, MD
Peking Union Medical College Hospital
Abstract Title: ILC2 Promotes Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis though IL-33/ST2 Signaling Pathway

These Abstract Scholarship Awards have been provided by a grant from Stemcell Technologies, Inc

Luke Bonser, BSc(Hons), PhD
University of California San Francisco
Abstract Title: Mechanisms of Airway Epithelial Cell Reprogramming in Asthma

Prof. Calvin Cotton, PhD
Case Western Reserve University
Abstract Title: Identification of an Uncommon CFTR Mutation that Responds to Correctors

This Abstract Scholarship has been funded by a generous donation from ATS Public Advisory Roundtable member-Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Foundation

William Hannah, MD
University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center
Abstract Title: Frequency of CFTR Mutations in Individuals Evaluated for Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia

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