Mentoring Program

RCMB Mentoring Program

"For young investigators it is key to interact and get to know senior investigators in the field. My mentor was a great match and I hope to keep in touch with him throughout my career for continued support and advice" - Amy Ryan, PhD

The goal of the ATS Mentoring Program is to engage trainees and junior faculty in the ATS and the ATS International Conference. By pairing trainees and junior faculty (Mentees) with experienced ATS members (Mentors), the Program leverages the unique resources of the ATS to provide Mentees with outstanding career development and networking opportunities. Mentors and Mentees are paired based on common professional background, goals, and interests. The RCMB Mentoring Program draws Mentors from the Respiratory, Cell, and Molecular Biology Assembly.

Expectations for Mentors

The key role of the mentor is to help the mentee take full advantage of all the resources available at ATS international conference. In addition, the role of the mentor is to aid the fellow to explore the available networking opportunities at the ATS international conference including attending the RCMB business meeting and reception.


  • Contact your Mentee to arrange a face-to-face meeting at the ATS Conference
  • Example meeting goals include expanding the mentee’s professional network, providing career development feedback and advice, discussing ways to become involved in the ATS
  • Attend the RCMB business meeting with the Mentee

Expectations for Mentees

  • Meet with your Mentor at the ATS Conference (Mentors are expected to arrange this)
  • Prepare for the meeting by identifying a few goals for discussion – for example, to expand your professional network, engage with the ATS, obtain career development advice, or learn about a profession, career trajectory, or research area
  • Bring your Bio or CV and be prepared to summarize your background and goals in 1-2 sentences

Sign up below to participate in the RCMB Mentoring Program. Please note that the Program is currently offered solely to ATS Conference attendees.