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Women in Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Co-Chairs:  Karen Burns, MD, MSCR, FRCPC, MSc and Ellen Burnham, MD

The Women in Critical Care Interest Group is comprised of a diverse group of people engaged in various facets of critical care practice worldwide, and includes academicians involved in research/clinical care/administration, private practitioners, junior, mid-level, and senior faculty. The purpose of the group is to encourage women from various career tracks to engage in ATS activities, and also to address issues important towards gaining equitable representation of women in the field of critical care. The interest group stems from the Women in Critical Care working group that has been active since 2014.

Goals and Objectives

  • Ensure that women are equitably represented in critical care programming for the international ATS meeting, including in critical care-sponsored programming, including representation in chairing sessions, providing lectures, and being selected for awards.
  • Involve women in ATS programming and opportunities not related to the IC, including such activities as critical care assembly projects, design/production of materials on the internet, and on-going mentorship avenues.
  • Recognize and promote women who have contributed to the success of ATS through formal ATS awards and grants.
  • Support career development of women at all levels through formal and informal networking opportunities both at the ATS international conference and throughout the year.
  • Partner with other minority and under-represented groups within ATS to enhance ATS diversity, scholarship and representation. 
Last Reviewed: September 2019