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Goals for 2017-2018

SoME Goals


We are moving into our second year as a section! In our first year, we have recruited 1000 members strong (1/3 of whom are trainees and over 1/4 who are international). Our goals for this coming year include:

  • Work on additional programming for the international conference- including noontime workshop series, scientific symposia focused on educational outcomes, and potentially post-graduate courses.
  • We would like to increase collaboration with BSHSR, our parent assembly and utilize their expertise with research
  • Continue programming outside of the international conference: including webinars, podcasts and video series
  • Increase our social media presence and work towards shared resources on our Section Web Page
  • Create additional project groups- which will allow our members to network of topics of important to them
  • Select a project that demonstrates the needs or skills of our members: guidelines, needs assessment etc.
  • Move towards Assembly status
  • 2017 Section Meeting Presentation Slides
Last Reviewed: October 2017