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Outstanding Clinician Award

Each year, the ATS honors an exemplary community or academic clinician through its Outstanding Clinician Award (OCA). Thoracic Society Chapters (TSC) also may nominate an individual for their chapter OCA award. A recipient of the national and chapter awards will be:

  • A pulmonary, critical care or sleep clinician who spends 75 percent or more of his/her time providing direct patient care
    • For academic clinicians: A physician who spends more than 25% of his/her time on research (e.g. several R01 grants) or administration (e.g. division head, director of critical care) is not eligible.
  • Recognized by patients and families as a caring and dedicated healthcare provider and by his/her peers as having made substantial contributions to the clinical care of patients with respiratory disease. Nominations must reflect excellence in this area above all else.
  • A member of the thoracic society chapter (TSC) for which they are being nominated as well as a resident of that state - to be considered for the TSC award.
  • A member of the ATS - to be considered for the national level award.

ATS members who wish to nominate an outstanding clinician should get the approval of the prospective nominee and then forward that individual’s name and CV to the administrator of the chapter in the state where the nominee resides. Click here for names of the ATS Thoracic Society Chapters.  The ATS cannot accept direct nominations from individuals, and nominees can only be accepted from a state where there is a chapter.

Deadlines: Submit nominees to your local chapter by Wed., Oct. 17, 2018.  Completed applications for OCA nominees should be submitted by chapters to ATS by Mon., Dec. 10, 2018.

Questions? Contact May Ling Brantman, Senior Manager, Member Services and Chapter Relations, at or (212) 315-8633.  We look forward to receiving your nominations!

2019 Outstanding Clinician Award

How to Apply

Nomination Form

OCA Winner 2016

William W. Walker, MD (left), receiving the 2018 ATS Outstanding Clinician Award
from Marc Moss, MD (left), ATS President, May 2018.

Past ATS OCA awardees are:

2018 William W. Walker, MD South Carolina Thoracic Society
2017 Jack H. Hasson, MD Alabama Thoracic Society
2016 Jay Shames, MD Louisiana Thoracic Society
2015 James P. Lamberti, MD Metropolitan DC Thoracic Society
2014  Fredric Jackson, MD Washington State Thoracic Society
2013 Allen Thomas, MD Arizona Thoracic Society
2012 Eric S. Yaeger, MD Colorado Thoracic Society
2011 Michelle Sue Harkins, MD New Mexico Thoracic Society
2010 Richard A. Helmers, MD Arizona Thoracic Society
2009 Walter Donat, MD Rhode Island Thoracic Society
2008 Jeffrey S. Wagener, MD Colorado Thoracic Society
2007 Louis S. Libby, MD Oregon Thoracic Society
2006 Christine S. Fukui, MD Hawaii Thoracic Society
2005 Eloise M. Harman, MD Florida Thoracic Society
2004 Anthony M. Marinelli, MD Chicago Thoracic Society
2003 Paul A. Selecky, MD California Thoracic Society
Last Reviewed: November 2018