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The American Thoracic Society (ATS) and Sepsis Alliance are working together to raise awareness for sepsis and increase funding for new and more efficacious treatments for the disease.  We are excited to be part of Sepsis Week and the opportunity to provide information to patients to raise awareness and help to improve treatment.

Sepsis is a severe illness in which bacteria invade the normally sterile bloodstream.  The infection activates the body’s immune system and sometimes the inflammatory response is so powerful that it causes more harm than good.  Sepsis affects millions of people each year and even with the best treatment, severe sepsis is often fatal.  In fact, sepsis is the tenth-most-common cause of death in the United States and is the second leading cause of death in the medical intensive care unit (ICU).  Many people who develop sepsis will also develop corresponding lung, kidney, and/or liver failure; those who survive may experience severe disabilities from their illness. 

We are pleased to partner in this awareness campaign and look forward to sharing information to help guide patients, advance research, and support clinicians and allied health professionals in their efforts to better recognize and treat sepsis.


Lynn Gerald, PhD, MSPH           
ATS Assembly on Behavioral Science
Member, ATS Board of Directors


Carl Flatley, DDS, MSD
Sepsis Alliance
Member, ATS Public Advisory Roundtable

ATS Sepsis PARtner  — Sepsis Alliance

Sepsis Alliance is a charitable organization run by a team of dedicated laypeople and professionals who share a strong commitment to battling sepsis. The goal of Sepsis Alliance is to raise awareness of sepsis so it can be detected and treated early enough that no harm is done. Sepsis Alliance team works to produce as much information and educational material as possible to help the general public become aware of this often deadly condition and for professionals to help the public learn about it when it does strike.

Disclaimer: "The ATS Lung Disease Week Web site is designed for educational purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for personal medical attention, a diagnosis from a physician, or direct medical care.  If you are concerned about your health or that of a family member, please consult your family's healthcare provider immediately. Do not wait for a response from our members, staff or partners."