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Webinar: “Lung Involvement in Lymphangiomatosis & Gorham’s Disease”


As part of Rare Lung Diseases Week at the ATS, and in conjunction with PAR partner the Lymphangiomatosis & Gorham's Disease Alliance (LGDA), the ATS presented a live webinar on Thursday, Aug 9, 2012. The webinar entitled "Lymphatic Anomalies: Classification, Lung Involvement, and New Treatment Options" was hosted by Denise Adams, MD, of Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Debra Boyer, MD, of Children's Hospital Boston. Over 100 participants from the US, Canada and some European countries participated in the webinar. Click here to view the slides as a PDF. Click here for webinar Q&A.

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"Some photos of LGD patients included in this presentation may be considered objectionable or offensive to some viewers."