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Webinar: “Children's Interstitial Lung Disease - Patient Education Day”

chILD Week

As part of chILD Week at the ATS, and in conjunction with PAR partner, the Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease Foundation, Inc., the ATS presented a free seminar on Saturday, April  11th entitled "Children's Interstitial Lung Disease - Patient Education Day". This education day was held in conjunction with the “chILD Week at the ATS” program — an educational activity designed to foster communications between clinicians, patients and patient advocates on lung and airway disorders such as chILD.

Welcome – Mr. Courtney White, Mr. Greg Porta

Introduction from chILD at the Children’s Hospital Colorado’s Breathing Institute – Dr. Robin R. Deterding

How to Learn About chILD: chILD Foundation/Registry – Dr. Deborah R. Liptzin

How Well is Your Child Breathing: Pulmonary Function Testing – Dr. Gwen Kerby

Questions About Oxygen and DME Companies 101  Roberta Cox, RRT

Radiology 101: Radiologic Studies and Radiation Risk – Dr. Jason Weinman

Questions About Living with chILD: Daycare, School, Vacations, Family Stress and Siblings – Becky Smith, MSW, LSW

How is Your Child Growing? Nutrition, Feeding and Gastrointestinal Issues – Dr. Jason Soden

Where We Are Going: The Future of chILD – Dr. Robin R. Deterding