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Information for Patients

Emphysema / COPD Week


Origin of EFFORTS

The history of how EFFORTS was started.

EFFORTS Statement of Official Position

EFFORTS statements on the integrity of the foundation.


The short and long term goals that EFFORTS foundation strives to achieve through advocacy.

EFFORTS Structure

In order for EFFORTS organization to effectively work toward the pursuit of our stated goals, it is necessary to have some organizational policies in place. These policies will help assure the success of the organization.

Join EFFORTS listserv

Learn more about Emphysema (COPD) from others who are living with it. Daily e-mail discussions about lung disease, medical professionals also contribute their expertise and answer our questions.

Archived Messages

EFFORTS maintain searchable archives of previous EFFORTS list messages. To use them, you must be a member of EFFORTS and you must have an EFFORTS password (it's free).

Smoking with Emphysema

There are many folks that although diagnosed with Emphysema, find it very difficult to quit smoking.  They do not know just what can happen to them if they continue to smoke after being diagnosed.

Depression and COPD

Approximately 40% of COPD patients have depression symptoms. Click here for information and here for questions and answers from others battling COPD and depression.

Can’t Access Pulmonary Rehabilitation? Wonder What to Do after Completing Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

There are several potential reasons that may limit access to pulmonary rehabilitation, including geographical, financial, medical, transportation issues, etc. Several principles and resources are available to help you improve physical function, stamina, quality of life, symptom control.

Starting an Exercise program

Hearing the suggestion, or advice, to start exercising is enough to make anyone groan with dread. When, in addition, you have trouble breathing it may seem like an impossibility. EFFORTS knows how difficult exercising is for you, but everyone should exercise.

Pete’s Post

Peter Bliss is EFFORTS resident oxygen expert.  Mr. Bliss has eighteen years’ experience in the field of medical equipment design and manufacturing, most recently as President of a custom fluid control systems manufacturing company.

Drs. Karpick, Yeager & Petty Q&A

Questions from patients or family of patients with COPD/ Emphysema answered by physicians.

Respiratory Practioners' Q & A's

Questions from patients or family of patients with COPD/ Emphysema answered by respiratory rehab therapist.

Transtracheal Oxygen Q&A

Questions addressing transtracheal oxygen answered.


Information on current stem cell research and clinical trials.

ATS Breathing in America Book

The Breathing in America: Diseases, Progress, and Hope compilationbriefly describes respiratory diseases and the progress that is being made in the quest to find their cures.

ATS Patient Information Series

The ATS Patient Information Series is a public service of the American Thoracic Society and its journal the AJRCCM (www.atsjournals.org). The information appearing in this series is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of one’s personal health care provider.