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Information for Patients

Sarcoidosis Week

Lung Information for Patients

FSR-SARC (Sarcoidosis Advanced Registry for Cures) Patient Registry

The FSR-SARC Patient Registry is one of the easiest ways for patients to contribute to vital sarcoidosis research, all from the comfort of their own home. This online, longitudinal study gathers information for researchers studying the disease, while also ensuring the privacy and protection of all patient information. Sign up today to ensure your voice is heard and make your contribution toward finding a cure for sarcoidosis!
Learn more about the FSR-SARC Patient Registry and make your contribution to research today!

FSR Physician Finder

FSR maintains an online database of physicians with experience and/or interest in treating sarcoidosis patients. This online tool is searchable by both state and specialty to help patients identify the specialists in their area who are best equipped to treat the unique and diverse manifestations of sarcoidosis.
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FSR Treatment Guide

Our Scientific Advisory Board developed these guidelines to help physicians who might not be as familiar with sarcoidosis to better understand the current recommended treatment options for the numerous manifestations of this disease. This resource is useful for patients and physicians alike, helping them understand the first, second, and third line treatments for sarcoidosis, including the off-label therapies that are often used in treating the disease.

FSR Patient Education Conferences

Each year, FSR hosts Patient Education Conferences all across the US. At these conferences, patients and their loved ones have the opportunity to learn from nationally recognized physicians about sarcoidosis manifestations, treatment options, and the latest advancements in research. FSR also ensures that each patient leaves with the knowledge and tools they need to better communicate with their physicians, build a treatment plan that works for them, and get involved in research to help advance the field and one day find a cure for sarcoidosis.
See our 2018 Patient Education Conference lineup.

FSR Educational Resources

The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research knows that patients and their loved ones often have to search desperately for answers after receiving a diagnosis of sarcoidosis. Like many other rare diseases, there can be a lack of accurate and up-to-date information available. FSR has always prioritized filling that gap. This page is a dynamic resource for patients, caretakers, and even physicians who are looking for information on the disease itself, as well as treatment options, health insurance info, recordings of our patient conferences and webinars, bilingual resources, and more.
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ATS Patient Information Series

The ATS Patient Information Series is a public service of the American Thoracic Society and its journal the AJRCCM (www.atsjournals.org). The information appearing in this series is for educational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice of one's personal health care provider.

ATS Breathing in America Book

The Breathing in America: Diseases, Progress, and Hope compilationbriefly describes respiratory diseases and the progress that is being made in the quest to find their cures. Click here to download the chapter on Sarcoidosis.