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Recognition of ventilator waveform abnormalities and ultrasound findings are essential to treating critically ill patients. The Critical Care Assembly is pleased to provide brief instructional cases with an image or video clip whose recognition is needed to diagnosis and treat the patient presented in the case.

We have section editors who provide and review cases submitted to ATS. Please feel free to email them your own cases with interesting images or videos. We look forward to receiving your ultrasound clips and waveforms!

Section Editors:

EchocardiogaphyMichael Lanspa
Abdominal UltrasoundDaniel Sweeney
Thoracic UltrasoundRahul Khosla
Mechanical VentilationSteven HoletsVivek IyerBurton Lee
Chest ImagingJanaki Deepak


Abdominal Ultrasound Section

Thoracic Ultrasound

Mechanical Ventilation:

 Chest Imaging