The ATS ILD Video Case Study Series features a panel of ILD experts presenting actual clinical cases in real-time discussion. The video episode showcases unscripted multidisciplinary interactions and discusses actual cases evaluated by regional experts experienced in the management of ILD. Viewers will be able to observe the typical clinical, radiological and pathological features associated with ILD as well as be reminded of the importance of elimination of all known causes and conditions, environmental factors, and connective tissue diseases associated with ILD when evaluating patients.

The goal of the ATS Video Case Study Series is to set clinicians on the right path for an accurate diagnosis, which will prompt the most appropriate interventions and better patient outcomes.

Panel of Experts

Ganesh Raghu, MD Fernando Martinez, MD Jeffrey Myers Sudhakar Pipavath, MD Virginia Steen, MD
Ganesh Raghu, MD
Director, Center of Interstitial Lung Disease, Co-Director Scleroderma Clinic, University of Washington Medical Center, Professor of Medicine, University of Washington
Fernando Martinez, MD
Professor of Medicine, Executive Vice Chair, Cornell University
Jeffrey Myers, MD
A. James French Professor and Director, Divisions of Anatomic Pathology and MLabs University of Michigan
Sudhakar Pipavath, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Radiology, University of Washington
Virginia Steen, MD
Professor of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Georgetown University


Episode 4: 30-year-old Woman with Cough: Calling the Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia (COPs) on Connective Tissue Disease!
A 30-year-old woman with cough was discovered to have bilateral abnormalities on her HRCT that included a string of diagnostic pearls. Surgical lung biopsy cemented the nature of the parenchymal abnormality but it was only after correlation with other laboratory and clinical data that a complete picture emerged.
Episode 5: 52-year-old Woman Develops Acute Onset of Dyspnea After a Road Trip: Unlocking This Mystery Requires Teamwork!
A 52-year-old woman becomes ill after returning from a prolonged absence. Details of her history combined with unexpected findings in a CT angiogram lead to a surgical lung biopsy performed in large part to finalize the diagnosis with a level of certainty required to satisfy this understandably skeptical patient.
Episode 10: 36-year-old Woman With Cough, Dyspnea and Lung Cysts: A Special Role for Chest Imaging
A 36-year-old woman with a six month history of exertional dyspnea was discovered to have distinctive radiologic findings in the course of her evaluation. See how our multidisciplinary team weights the radiologic findings and balances that over and against any incremental value that might accrue from lung biopsy. A great example of the value of HRCT in patients with diffuse diseases other than IPF!