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Press Releases from the ATS

Tobacco corrective statements editorial

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11-17-17 - ATS Welcomes Historic Moscow Declaration to End TB

11-15-17 - Editorial: Use Big Tobacco's Nov. 26 Corrective Statements to Reduce Smoking

11-15-17 - New Guidelines Issued for Diagnosis and Care of LAM, a Rare Lung Disease

11-10-17 - Sleep Apnea May Increase Risk of Developing Alzheimer's Disease

11-10-17 - World Pneumonia Day is Nov. 12, 2017; Stop Pneumonia: Strategies to Protect, Prevent and Treat

11-07-17 - New Research in IPF Funded by Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

11-03-17 - Biomarkers May Provide Early Warning of Lung Problems in 9/11 Firefighters

10-31-17-  ATS Objects to the EPA's Move to Silence the Input of Scientists

10-30-17 - TB Remains Leading Global Infectious Killer, New TB Cases Increase: WHO Report

10-20-17 - E-Cigarettes May Trigger Unique and Potentially Damaging Immune Responses

10-11-17 - Clean Power Plan Repeal is Irresponsible in the Face of Scientific Evidence:  ATS

09-29-17 - The ATS Applauds New Legislation Addressing Sleep Apnea Among Transportation Workers

09-22-17 - On the First World  Lung Day, Sept. 25, Global Coalition of Respiratory Health Organizations Issues Recommendations to Improve Lung Health

09-12-17 - Telemonitoring and Automated Messages Improve CPAP Adherence

09-08-17 - Endobronchial Valve Treatment Appears to Improve Lung Function in Patients with Severe Emphysema

09-05-17 - Top Health Considerations for Entering a Flooded Home

08-11-17 - Opioid Crisis Impacts ICUs with More Admissions, Deaths

08-11-17 - Automated Algorithm of Overnight Blood Oxygen Levels Reliably Diagnoses OSA in Children

08-10-17 - DOT Decision to Withdraw Sleep Apnea Screening Puts Us All At Risk: ATS

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Last Reviewed: November 2017