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Clean Air

As air pollution has developed into a major clinical and worldwide health issue, the ATS is committed more than ever to enhancing public health through research and support of regulatory and legislative priorities critical to advancing pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine.

ATS clinicians primarily treat people with respiratory conditions who are especially vulnerable to the adverse health effects of air pollution; ATS scientists have been at the forefront of air pollution research for decades. We have documented the harmful effects of air pollution exposure on cardiopulmonary health, and have identified people with chronic lung disease as especially vulnerable to the harmful effects of air pollution.  

For these reasons, it is critical that ATS membership play an active role in the development, implementation and assurance of air quality policy. From offering science-based studies and testimony before congressional panels and lobbying members of Congress, to maintaining strong relationships with key federal agencies and filing amicus briefs when regulations are challenged in court, see the ATS in action:



Last Reviewed: January 2017